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The newfocus story…social & market research since 1992

The newfocus story…social & market research since 1992

Withstanding the test of time, the newfocus team have watched the empire of Google take its first tentative steps, we have weathered the dotcom era and ensuing crash, we’ve witnessed the advent of smartphones and seen the words blackberry and apple become less representative of fruity treats to be consumed and more consumer buzz words, and through all this we have not only survived, we have thrived!

We are certainly not the new kids on the block anymore and after 21 years in business, our client loyalty reflects that.  Not only are we leaders in the implementation of cutting-edge research strategies with a strong focus on traditional methodology, the team at newfocus are active innovators contributing to our field of expertise on a regular basis.

newfocus operates throughout Australia and have had an international presence spanning over two decades providing purpose built research and strategy to both government and commercial clients. Our enviable reputation has been built on our commitment to quality research that delivers insight and clarity.  We understand that quality research requires a systematic approach by asking the right questions with objectivity and integrity. The investigation must offer our clients clear insights into complex issues and analysis that provides well-defined strategic direction.


How? Our team of experts offer you strategic research and consulting with integrity, clarity and insight

Building on your existing knowledge base, newfocus assists business and government organisations to pinpoint and interpret information and bridge knowledge gaps quickly and efficiently. Our clients make smarter decisions faster than ever before, and are able to respond to market and community needs and trends using focused strategic research, tailored to their specific requirements.

We understand and highly value the traditional methods of research, utilising the best of the ‘old style techniques’ to take on the new world while incorporating innovative technologies to better understand your place in a burgeoning global market.

Understanding and bridging knowledge gaps and developing innovative approaches to engage with a new generation of users, customers and consumers requires a high level of expertise and skill. The team at newfocus are qualified, passionate and talented people who know how to apply knowledge through their personal communications skills and abilities.

Our people make it easier for our clients by:

  • being problem solvers not just researchers
  • bringing insights and wisdom from the data, not just data-building knowledge
  • synthesizing data and bringing clarity to decision making
  • being great story tellers, with the ability to communicate insights
  • helping clients make changes (being the change agent)
  • implementing best practice systems, software and processes
  • demonstrating our commitment to quality and integrity

And in the beginning…

The connection between the current MD Graham Bean and James Cowley was created after a collaborative investigative project at the research and training consultancy practice Customer Satisfaction.

By 1992, newfocus was founded based on the need to expand services into government and corporate sectors. Graham reflected:

“We realised at the time there was a need in the market for an organisation that could assist clients to genuinely improve their business or organisation with a client or stakeholder first approach, so we developed an organisation that could quickly and efficiently understand customer needs and wants with a view to developing strategic plans, and measure the effectiveness of communication and customer strategies.”

Moreover, it became apparent that clients required a higher degree of assistance with implementation, and building on James’s experience at the Open University and Graham’s experience in the corporate sector, a number of innovative training and change management models were introduced.  We will be exploring some of these approaches in later editions of our newsletter.

The newfocus point of difference

With our proven track record we offer our clients:

Integrity – We ensure that your data and insights are trustworthy and reliable so that decisions can be rapidly implemented with confidence every time.

Clarity – We define the problem or opportunity and choose the correct combination of primary and secondary data to support a clear, workable solution.

Insight – Delivering the best in efficient and effective interpretation and analysis of data, we are the service provider of choice for commercial, corporate and government sectors.

Knowledge – Accredited to best practice level in all research tasks and skilled in relationship building, our staff are adept at applying strategic insights to specific client needs.

“Our people are qualified, passionate and deliver insights not just data.”

Understanding customer challenges

None of us have been immune to the long reaching effects of the downturn of the global economy. With much of Europe under a dark cloud, we have in part been spared by the worst that has been dealt out. However shielded our economy has been, to a degree the GFC and aftermath has affected business and organisations locally in Australia.  Many organisations that we work with are facing shrinking budgets, increasingly complex business models, more time pressure and the need to do more, faster, for less.

BUT there is good news.  These are a few of the trends affecting business and government that can be used as a platform for growth and expansion:

  • growth of the online world
  • impact of social media
  • smartphone uptake and usage
  • big data – its uses and excuses
  • change management

newfocus is a national market research company, specialising in strategic market research and social research, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide.

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