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Our Vision

Our vision is to broaden our reach as leaders in the research industry based on our commitment to integrity coupled with innovation and use of pioneering new technologies.

We are committed to this goal through the application of proven traditional research approaches, applying new innovations in our data collection methods and reporting that is insightful and based on rigour and integrity.

We aim to:

  • Service our clients with high quality market research and social research that provides insights and clear strategic direction
  • Provide the best possible value for money by having efficient, reliable processes and the most up to date and innovative approaches
  • Build long term relationships with our clients based on a partnership approach and a belief in high levels of client service
  • Build on our team of qualified, experienced, passionate and talented people who genuinely want to add value and bring knowledge and wisdom to our clients
  • Respect the privacy of clients and people being surveyed, and work within the Market & Social Research Privacy Act to the benefit of all concerned

Our Approach

The ideal size and structure to deliver results for your organisation, we have our own in-house resources to meet your requirements in a high quality, cost effective and timely manner, however we are ‘small’ enough to be able to offer you a personalised, highly relationship-based service.

  • newfocus takes a relationship based partnership approach, by ‘stepping into the shoes’ of our clients to really understand their needs and organisational challenges
  • We offer over 30 years’ business experience in servicing a diverse national and international client base
  • newfocus has vast experience in understanding consumer, business and government sectors
  • Our local staff are from a range of cultures, and backgrounds and understand (and have experienced) major market trends (global, national and local) which are ‘biting now’ and impacting on organisations’ sustainability and profitability; and
  • newfocus has full quality and industry accreditations and offers compliance with legislative and corporate governance and privacy requirements

Why we are different

newfocus is committed to excellence, innovation and rigorous research methodology.

Our philosophy is a little different to the ‘run of the mill’ approach in our industry. We won’t just supply data, graphs and charts. We become strategic partners, using our data and analytics to help you formulate strategy and plans. What you get from us is practically useful and applicable.

We work in partnership with you to best understand your needs, and we guarantee to bring:

  • Integrity
    We ensure that your data and insights are trustworthy and reliable so that decisions can be rapidly implemented with confidence every time.
  • Clarity
    We define the problem or opportunity and choose the correct combination of primary and secondary data to support a clear and workable solution.
  • Actionable Insights
    Delivering the best in efficient and effective interpretation and analysis of data, we bring valid and actionable insights to you and your organisation to help you achieve your goals.

This will benefit you and your organisation:

In the commercial sector

  • stronger, more well-known products, services and brands
  • improved brand equity
  • increased revenue/profit
  • sustainable competitive advantage
  • cutting-edge innovations
  • improved ROI on marketing spend
  • focused leadership, vision, and improved team morale and retention

In the non-commercial sector

  • improved community engagement and public image
  • better risk management and compliance
  • more effective program implementation
  • effective evaluation and behaviour change
  • improved return on funding
  • focussed leadership, vision, and improved team morale and retention
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