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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research provides a more in-depth understanding of perceptions, enabling the research to go beyond static data collection and understand more fully the reasons, motivations, barriers behind participants’ thoughts and behaviours, providing more insightful and ultimately more actionable results.

qualitative research

Qualitative research is often conducted prior to quantitative methods, as a more in-depth understanding of the target market exposes any key themes, drivers or barriers and helps to further develop the quantitative research, leading to a more robust quantitative tool.

Successful qualitative research depends on having a research team who can combine a range of methods in a flexible manner to quickly and effectively probe the intangibles of behaviour.

One to one in-depth interviews
  • can target hard to reach people and gain one on one feedback
  • can be run over the phone, web-cam or face to face, thus cost effective
  • less bias, focused on individual view
  • can improve PR effect on behalf of client
  • shows client values customer/stakeholder

newfocus uses its mature business-to-business recruitment team working on-site and supervised by a National Operations Manager when recruiting participants for executive indepth interviews. Once recruited, participants will receive a confirmation email to endorse the study and ensure interviewing schedules run on time.

We adhere to ISO 20252:2019 best practice guidelines, the Market and Social Research Code of Professional Behaviour/Market & Social Research Privacy Code and have AMSRS accreditation. This is important to ensure full control over all the systems and processes and to guarantee high quality.  The qualitative one-on-one interviews are undertaken by a selected team of consultants/researchers, who have vast experience in business-to-business research.

For further  and more detail information, visit our in-depth interviews page.

Focus Groups

Focus group research is generally considered to be at the high end of market research and is a technique that involves inviting a small number of people (usually 8-10) from the target group to participate in a semi-structured discussion. Focus groups are moderated by trained facilitators who probe for deeper insights around the key objectives.


The focus group methodology provides an interactive group environment where participants can view and discuss various products, materials, advertising creative etc. Focus groups also provide:

  • in-depth understanding of motivators and inhibitors, needs, expectations and perceptions of people creates a deeper understanding of markets and issues
  • cost effective ways to gain multiple perspectives
  • client can watch and observe people-hear insights first hand, and understand why
  • interactive approach between researcher, client and people being researched improves flexibility and quality of output
  • real people sharing real views, in real time
  • less structured, and guided by overall objectives rather than specific questions – leads to conversations and discussions which results in more insights and may uncover new issues/opportunities through free flowing discussions rather than being a Q&A session
  • can be conducted face-to-face or online

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For further  and more detail information, visit our focus groups page.

Web clinics
  • can test the ergonomics/human factors capabilities of a web platform
  • identify and cater for customer web behaviour
  • in-depth discussion of the problems encountered with the web experience and suggestions for improvement
  • real people sharing real views, in real time

Ethnography involves conducting the interview in situ (often the home). It provides better understanding of responses and a more holistic, meaningful perspective by allowing:

  • First-hand exploration of behaviours and products used in situ
  • Observation of how respondents interact with others they live with
  • Discovery of potential influencers that might not be otherwise spoken about

newfocus researchers understand the importance of keeping their ears and eyes open while taking a forensic approach to this type of research.

Ethnography yields especially rich results.

Accompanied Shops

* apply an ethnographical approach to the actual shopping environment.

Provides better understanding of responses and a more holistic perspective by allowing:

  • First hand observation of how respondents shop and what influences their choice
  • Behaviours, attitudes, external influencers, shelf ads, etc
  • Discovery of potential influencers that might not be otherwise spoken about
Mystery Shopping/Transport & Retail Audits
  • Used to anonymously evaluate customer experience/service
  • Can be conducted face to face or by phone or email
  • Traditionally conducted by fully trained mystery shoppers and in specific research circumstances by genuine customers to provide more strategic feedback on service/product delivery
  • Gathers feedback in a “real-time” sense
  • Has the ability to assess individual staff performances (results can be integrated to ongoing staff training) and ensure positive customer relationships on the front line to improve customer retention
  • Useful for benchmarking against competitors
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