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Aged Care Industry

Extensive experience in customer satisfaction, community engagement and resident care research

In addition to residents, research can also target carers and loved ones, as their perceptions are highly influential on the brand.  We can also include targeting of those people in the initial enquiry and sales cycles.

Research within this sector is more than just understanding levels of satisfaction. It’s important to structure projects to help impact the culture of care and create strategy that builds a strong trusted brand for the future.  With an industry in the spotlight, organisations that are proactive in this space will be the winners in the long term.

Our team is experienced with this demographic and the specific requirements in design of surveys for this age group, with extra considerations given to ensuring accessibility is maximised. 

Industry Experience 

For over 27 years newfocus has been offering strategic market and social research and consulting services to its clients across many industry sectors and government/semi government agencies.  With extensive experience in Retirement Living / Aged Care, the sector has become one of our specializations and we have much tacit knowledge of the industry we can bring to this project.

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Case Studies 

We have worked across a wide range of retirement living and aged care sectors. Below are some exemplified case studies:

Regular tracking of sentiment, satisfaction and social well being 

Background: Australia’s largest aged care provider wants to understand current customer sentiment in the market and keep ahead of competitors.

Our approach:  newfocus surveys over 10,000 of their residents annually, in all residential properties throughout Australia. The research involves measuring and comparing performance against historical results and industry benchmarks to identify trends, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Most importantly, it helps in providing a voice to residents in engaging with local and senior management, with reports produced for every village manager as well as c-suite. The methodology involves a combination of hard copy and online surveys thoughtfully designed to suit the target audience.  newfocus has also conducted follow-up focus groups with residents to bring results further to life.

Outcome:  The outcomes of the research identify the most critical areas for improvement and assist the client in achieving and maintaining best-practice NPS and satisfaction KPIs and social engagement strategies.


How do customers engage with home care services and choose a service provider? 

Background:  In a highly competitive and changing market, consumers have choice when it comes to selecting service providers, which can lead to confusion and frustration with the process.

Our approach:  Through a combination of focus groups and in-depth interviews, newfocus was tasked with gaining an understanding of the process by which new customers engage with home care services and choose a provider, and to capture perceptions of home care customers serviced by competitors. 

Outcome:  Insights from the research informed strategic planning in identifying opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the client and the competition, and in developing staff training, branding and communication plans.

How effective is our new value proposition and is it clearly communicated? 

Background: newfocus was tasked with testing and developing the fundamental principles of a new client value proposition.

Our approach: The market research involved determining areas of importance and priority for existing and potential clients and gauging how compelling the value proposition was at communicating its intended meanings. The methodology included designing, recruiting and facilitating a series of focus groups with current and potential clients across eight different buyer segments. The research identified the most critical areas for improvement and assisted the client in achieving and maintaining best-practice NPS and satisfaction KPI’s and social engagement.

Outcomes: Project outcomes enabled us to map the customer journey, further develop the proposition and identify gaps in current knowledge, leading to a well-crafted and effective communication strategy.

Consumer buyer behaviour 

Background: A leading player in the industry sought to better understand how both potential customers and carers choose a service provider and the associated decision- making factors and influences.

Our approach:  newfocus conducted qualitative research with users, decision-makers, influencers, and carers in the aged care, disability and mental health sectors to best identify awareness and perceptions of providers and services, as well as gain a clear understanding of what’s essential in providing and marketing these services.

Outcome:  The insights from the research identified current perceptions of the factors that trigger and influence (including the sources) the decision to select certain service providers.  A clear definition of quality and personalised care was also established together with identifying gaps in the communication, including a realisation that perceptions of client-directed care do not always equate to a client lead.

Brand Strategy 

Background: To drive sales growth, a leading aged care provider wanted to develop, benchmark, and track its new brand and ongoing brand health.

Our approach: newfocus was commissioned to benchmark and track key brand factors. newfocus conducted qualitative research initially, followed by a quantitative benchmark and then regular tracking at critical intervals.

Outcomes:  On a limited advertising budget, the client can achieve maximum ROI from their media spend, have well-targeted campaigns, build awareness, and create substantial brand equity.

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