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– Almost 2 in 5 Australians use social media just to kill time!

Data released in 2023 by Genroe and We Are Social Ltd. revealed some interesting digital trends in relation to engagement with social media platforms.

Understanding our audience, their motivations, behaviours and activity within the digital space, and how they interact with communication is becoming an increasingly important aspect of social media strategy across industries.

Key Highlights from the 2023 Global Digital Report among Australians:

  • The top reason for using social media was for keeping in touch with friends and family (53.4%), followed by filling spare time (38.2%).
    Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger (Meta)

  • Almost 3 in 4 Australians aged 16-64 use Facebook each month, followed by Facebook Messenger (63%), then Instagram (56%)
  • Across these Meta apps, by age and gender the 25-34 year old age category has highest advertising reach across these platforms – each at 12%
  • In all other age groups the females lead in advertising reach

Time spent on Social Media Platforms

  • In 2016, typical Facebook user spent 12.5 hours a week on Facebook (according to the 2016 Sensis Social Media Report), in 2023 this was almost 18 hours per month (4.5 hours per week)
  • TikTok was the leading platform in regard to time spent, with an average time of 29 hours and 36 minutes per month – this equates to approx. 7.4 hours per week.



The Top Australian Social Media Sites by Advertising Reach

Data released in 2023 revealed that Youtube tops the leaderboard as the social media network with highest advertising reach, with an estimated 87% market share of adults over the age of 18. In order of advertising reach, the below social media platforms follow Youtube:

  • Facebook has an Australian advertising reach of 70%. By gender, females dominated (53% Female and 47% Male).
  • LinkedIn – a 63% advertising reach. Interestingly, 59% of LinkedIn Users return fewer than 3 times a week. The 40-49 y.o. have highest average number of LinkedIn contacts in Australia. In Australia, there were 6.5 million monthly active Australian users.
  • Instagram – the Australian Instagram audience reach is 59%. By gender, the Female / Male split is 55% / 45%. In August 2023, there were 10 million monthly active Australian users on Instargram.
  • Snapchat – Total Australian Snapchat advertising audience reach is 34% of the Australian population aged 13+. Australia has the 14th largest Snapchat advertising audience reach market in the world. Of the 7.9 million monthly active Australian users, users aged 18-24 comprise the largest share of Snapchat’s advertising audience.
  • TikTok – Total Australian TikTok advertising audience reach is 34% (18+ year old’s). 57% Female and 43% Male by gender.
  • Pinterest – Total Australian Pinterest advertising audience reach is 20%. Australia has the 13th largest Pinterest advertising audience reach market in the world. According to data released by Pinterest’s advertising resources, the platform had 3.45 million users in Australia at the beginning of 2023. 53% of Female millenials are on Pinterest.
  • Twitter – Australia is not in the top 20 Twitter advertising audience reach markets in the world. The total Australian Twitter advertising audience reach is 19%. As of August 2023, Twitter had 5.8 million monthly active Australian users. Twitter does not have the same influence in Australia as it does in other geographies.


Please note that our last social media release from 2016 comes from the Sensis Report ( and contains findings about general social media usage and not specifically about each specific social media platform and advertising reach as reported above, therefore findings are not directly comparable.

Sources –

Digital 2023 Global Overview Report – produced in partnership with Meltwater and We Are Social.

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