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Don’t be held back by economic conditions

Don’t be held back by economic conditions

GB_economic_conditions_post“What we need to do is to get consumers out there spending, and employers out there hiring people”, says CommSec chief economist Craig James. This was based on their recent research that indicated Australian companies suffered a 26% drop in profit, and barely lifted sales in the second half of 2014, as nervous consumers and businesses kept their wallets shut. He also went on to say that the disappointing performance was the result of subdued consumer and business sentiment.

In many cases people tend to think they need to govern their business according to economic conditions. It’s as though their business depended on the rain, like farming and agriculture.

This has kept countless organisations, public and private, locked out of successful initiatives they could have got into years and years ago.

People just seem to think it’s normal. So normal, in fact, they may even think there are no alternatives.

The need to get consumers spending is backed up by claims made in last week’s 2015 Federal Budget that business and consumers “go out and have a go” and spend to reinvigorate consumer and business confidence.

The government can only go so far, it’s up to business and community leaders, private and public to take the initiative and implement programs to assist in getting us out from ‘under the thumb’ of the economy.

Why do I tell you all this?

Well most aren’t aware of just how much they can stand to benefit from massive social changes and the trends in buyer behaviour, social media and big data. Consumers have found a new scepticism in traditional marketing, and have become more brand-savvy than ever, making it critical to understand customer and community needs and perceptions.

To further assist we have developed a complimentary guide designed to give a range of tips and advice on consumer research and community engagement


“The Guide to Market Research in the Digital Age: How to Unlock Hidden Sources of Profit and Community Engagement”


The knowledge you’ll receive in this guide is highly valuable and will give you:

  • An inside look at the five phases of research used to extract the most profitable and actionable insights from any market or community segment. You’ll see exactly what your organisation is missing and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to manage consumers’ changed buyer behaviour patterns and attitudes.
  • Tips into understanding and utilising what is happening today, to help predict and plan for the future.
  • A practical guarantee that your findings won’t be ignored by colleagues and superiors with this one presentation method, plus much more.

Claim your copy by going to our website

Or alternatively you can call us on 1800 807 535


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