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Change for Change Sake or Risk Redundancy

Change for Change Sake or Risk Redundancy

There is a strong driving force in the economy post-GFC that we need to change, evolve or simply adapt – or risk becoming redundant. Through careful research and engagement in large organisations we evaluate the need for change and implement new directions with due diligence and high levels of care.

There is no question that the environment (economy, global reach, online, environmental) of late illustrates the fact that change is constant and organisations will experience such changes at an increasingly rapid pace. Constant transformation is occurring in market trends, consumer demands, the global economy and in just about all aspects of the business, organisational and community cycle. The greatest asset an organisation needs to acquire is agility in terms of rapid response to the demands of an ever-changing world.

Change is driven by motivations and when we see shares begin to plummet or sales take a nose dive, organisations need to be able to move fast in the right direction.

Key change motivators are:

  • outdated or obsolete products
  • over-saturation in the market
  • targeting the wrong demographic
  • overpricing
  • being misunderstood, forgotten or ignored
  • lost reputation or morale

Organisations are spending millions of dollars to understand the art of creating change, motivating their stakeholders and creating a sustainable momentum towards success.  Now more than ever, change programs need to be driven by insightful strategic research.

The time to begin your change strategy is when you have the passion and desire (and cash flow) to do something constructive – not reactive.  Reactive decisions are rarely strategic and often fatal.  Engage in creative change strategies now and lead the curve, don’t pass out trying to overcome the hurdle!

newfocus believes in regeneration and renewal only on the basis of thorough research, identifying areas that will benefit from change, and highlighting areas that are functioning well as they are.  This is the benefit of Change Management Through Research Modelling.

The process is strategic, simple and makes sense within an organisational context. Phase one is based on engagement with an organisation to determine what changes would benefit the organisation and develop clear strategies and insights for implementation. This involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative research with the development of clear analysis and reporting that is user friendly and achievable.

Our second phase involves the clear and concise communication of results. This occurs through a consultative approach, implementing change throughout the organisation in a positive and healthy way that is overseen and supervised, ensuring consistency and achievement of the desired outcomes.

The consistency of new benchmarks and standards follows with systematic tracking of results, reporting and even an incentive driven program, if applicable, to ensure the desired changes are made and maintained. This can be followed up with appropriate accreditation or other industry based training.

newfocus is an advocate for change, but only for the better. We can assist your organisation to develop strategies that retain the best of what you do and help you implement methodologies to improve productivity and outcomes across the board.

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