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11 Benefits of Strategic Market Research Clinics that provide marketing insights, in quick time [Article]

11 Benefits of Strategic Market Research Clinics that provide marketing insights, in quick time [Article]


If you are looking for actionable marketing insights from all angles… in a minimum amount of time, then market research clinics are for you.

A market research clinic is an innovative research, mixed modal methodology which combines both qualitative and quantitative information. Your target market experiences your product/service, website or communications material in an interactive session.


The 11 benefits of strategic market research clinics


  • Qualitative and quantitative data can be collected simultaneously, which gives you both measurable results and underlying motivators
  • Clinics can be conducted in a very short period of time which means you can get your market research results quickly
  • Market research clinics consolidate your research into one project, which saves time and resources
  • Their nature is highly interactive so the research better reflects a real world situation
  • Clients and creatives can watch the target market reactions as they happen
  • Pre and post measures can be obtained to pinpoint the exact impact prices or specifications will have on sales and market share
  • Confidentiality of your products/services or concept testing are assured because of the secure location in which market research clinics are held
  • The controlled market research clinic environment means that you can be completely confident in the results that are produced
  • Comparisons can be made across different segments
  • newfocus researchers will explain issues so that participants in the market research clinic will make informed responses
  • You will receive high quality, actionable recommendations and insight which will help build your market strategy


newfocus will provide strategic recommendations based on the results of the clinic.


How market research clinics work


The format of clinics is very flexible and can be customised based on the target market and objectives of the research. Follow this link to view our market research clinic format model

Respondents are recruited to a central location where visual materials and prompts, such as products, creative concepts or visual representations of services (story boards, videos etc.) are set up in a specific manner.

Upon arrival and prior to viewing concepts, respondents usually complete a questionnaire about themselves to establish demographic and psychographic profiles, buying behaviour and lifestyle issues.  They then view the new products or concepts, either as a group or with the assistance of an individual interviewer.  At this stage, each respondent completes another questionnaire to ensure that individual views and perceptions can be collated.  This data is subsequently analysed and is able to show results prior to the respondents’ interaction with other people.

Once the one-on-one or viewing sessions are finished, a selection of respondents are often invited into a focus group discussion.  This is run by a trained market researcher to obtain more depth about key issues, motivators and inhibitors.  Respondents by this stage are very focused and these groups tend to be more effective than normal.




Some market research case studies using clinic methodology


Market Research Sydney – Concept testing of new products and services

  • Car manufacturer tested clay concept models and later finished products directly against competitor vehicles. The market research clinic assessed styling appeal, product features, price points and communication strategies to maximise future sales success
  • Telecommunications company tested reactions to mobile technology to establish price points, take up rates, handset design and communication strategies to fast track launch planning and market penetration


Market Research Adelaide – Marketing communications testing and branding

  • Investigated perceptions of a proposed trade catalogue for a leading plumbing supplier. Recommendations from the research ensured that the catalogue became a sort of ‘bible’ for the target market
  • Assessed below the line communications materials for a major government department. Strategic recommendations were provided to build brand awareness through targeted initiatives


Market Research Melbourne – Website testing

  • The recommended changes to content, navigation and feel meant that a high profile recruitment website played a vital role in the client’s job brand strategy
  • Through focused and constructive feedback on its website, a major superannuation company learnt how to maximise traffic and build brand equity through the experience of members visiting their website.


newfocus has a team devoted to conducting market research clinics, with skills and experience in recruiting participants, research design, logistics and complex project management and strategy development. We can provide options for simple to highly complex analysis and modelling (depending on your needs) to find your business issues.

Contact Us today to get actionable results, effectively and efficiently.

Download 11 Benefits of Strategic Market Research Clinics PDF

newfocus is a national market research company, specialising in strategic market research and social research, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney & Adelaide.

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